About ISO 27001 Certification Training

In today’s dynamic world, meeting future demands and expectations is a key challenge for businesses in every industry. As a result, recognizing the importance of providing ISO 27001 certification training for all employees of your organization is important to accomplishing business objectives. Upon completion of ISO 27001 certification training, trainees will aid firms in adopting continuous Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) improvement strategies and providing them with the necessary tools to change their working processes.

ISO 27001 Training

Types of ISO 27001 Certification Training Provided by IAS

IAS provides several levels of ISO 27001 certification training. IAS offers comprehensive ISO 27001 certification training, including ISO Lead Auditor Training, Internal Auditor Training, and Awareness Training, based on more than ten years of ISO auditing experience. The following are the ISO 27001 certification training programs that IAS provides for individuals:

IRCA accredited ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Training

IAS offers IRCA-accredited Lead Auditor Training on a variety of ISO standards in collaboration with our sister firm, Empowering Assurance Systems (EAS).

ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Training is a voluntary ISO 27001 certification training course for professionals or those with a relevant understanding of ISO standards who want to be recognized as a Lead Auditor. Delegates will learn how to conduct First Party Audits (Internal Audits), Second Party Audits (Supplier Audits), and Third Party Audits (External Audits) in compliance with ISO 27001 standards.

You will be able to strengthen your auditing talents and become a globally recognized IRCA certified Lead Auditor for ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems after completing this ISO 27001 certification training. The functions and responsibilities of a Lead Auditor are complex; however, participants will learn how to manage and plan audits by completing this ISO 27001 certification training.

Course Duration: This ISO 27001 certification training course will take five days and 40 hours to complete.

ExaminationOn the fifth day of this ISO 27001 certification training course, candidates will take the IRCA test. Delegates will receive ISO 27001 Lead Auditor training certification upon successful completion of the exam.

ISO 27001 Internal Auditor Training

IAS also offers ISO 27001 Internal Auditor training, which is ISO 27001 certification training for professionals who want to examine, audit, and improve the information security management systems of their organizations. This course will teach you how to conduct an internal audit, prepare non-conformity reports, and implement remedial action. The relevant auditing methodologies, tactics, and approaches to utilize while auditing ISO 27001 standards are also discussed in this ISO 27001 certification training course.

Course Duration: This training is two days long, with a total of 16 hours of instruction.

Examination: Participants who successfully complete ISO 27001 internal auditor training course will be eligible to appear for the ISO 27001 internal quality auditor certification exam.

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ISO 27001 Awareness & Foundation Training

Employees who are just starting to apply ISO 27001 standards or who have recently joined an organization that is implementing ISO 27001 should receive awareness training. ISO 27001 awareness training is a type of ISO 27001 certification training course that teaches employees about ISO 27001 standards and equips them with the necessary information to begin implementing ISO 27001 information security management systems. Individuals who are new to an organization and are responsible for ISO 27001 ISMS implementation or who are starting a project that will include adopting ISO 27001 standards into their operations would benefit from this ISO 27001 certification training course.

Course Duration: The ISO 27001 Awareness Training course is a 3-4 hour workshop. After successfully completing this ISO 27001 certification training, candidates will receive a participation certificate.

Online ISO 27001 Certification Training

IAS now offers online ISO 27001 certification training for all of our training programs, including lead auditor, internal auditor, and awareness training. IAS provides the following types of online ISO 27001 certification training:

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