AS 9100 Certification

About AS9100 Certification

Implementing the requirements of the AS9100 quality management system standard helps the aerospace industries to consistently meet the customer requirements. This international standard provides a set of requirements to establish, monitor, maintain, implement, and as well as to continually improve the quality management system performance of the aerospace industries. Also, this standard allows the organization to comply with the applicable legal requirements.  

IAS provides a very simple yet efficient AS9100 certification process to help your organization achieve AS9100 certification in a timely manner!

Who can Apply?

Regardless of size, the requirements of the AS9100 Certification standard are suitable for any aerospace industry that wants to implement its quality management systematically. This standard is also applicable to the companies which manufacture and deliver aviation, space, and defense products.

Benefits of Certifying to AS9100

  • The AS9100 certification enhances the quality of products
  • Improves the QMS performance
  • Promotes the company image
  • Increases credibility
  • Develops customer satisfaction
  • Reduces the operational errors and risks
  • Also, enhances the stakeholders’ confidence

AS9100 certification

A well-known AS9100 certification body in UAS – IAS

About us

IAS is the most trusted AS9100 Certification body in United States of America. We offer AS9100 certification services effectively for more than 13 years to all organizations that have a well-developed operational process and management system. Also, we make our clients happy and satisfied by providing proper guidance in the implementation of the required AS9100 criteria and the achievement of the AS9100 certification.

Real-time Auditors

Our auditors are professional experts who have years of experience in management system audit and versatile knowledge of ISO standards. They guide the organization expeditiously to improve the ISO standard requirements quickly and as well as flawlessly. Also, IAS acts as an AS9100 certification consultant to help the organization in the preparation process.

Global Presence

IAS is a globally recognized platform, located in India. IAS has its local organizations in Malaysia, Singapore, and so on. We also have several branches and representatives in various countries across the world to provide AS9100 Certification services.

Other than USA, IAS also offers AS9100 certification service in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Gulf countries such as Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Latin American countries including Mexico, Brazil, Peru and European countries such as France, Italy, Germany and also in African countries such as Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, and so on.

Once you successfully achieve AS9100 certification, you can check the status of your certificate by visiting our AS9100 certification search Page!

How to Contact us?

There are plenty of ways to reach us.

  • Visit our website –
  • Send us your enquiry through our website
  • Drop a mail to [email protected]
  • You can also fill out our AS9100 Certification application form and send us
  • Or else contact us directly to have free discussion about the auditing process specific to your organization

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