About ISO Auditor Training Courses

ISO auditor training courses take place at several levels and phases. IAS handles all types of ISO auditor training in a comprehensive manner, including ISO Lead Auditor Training and ISO Internal Auditor Training, thanks to its extensive auditing expertise in the field of ISO.

Types of ISO Auditor Training Courses Provided by IAS

ISO Lead Auditor Training

This ISO auditor training course is a voluntary certification course developed for professionals or individuals with sufficient expertise who wish to become Lead Auditor certified. Delegates who attend the ISO Lead Auditor Training course will gain a better understanding of the International Standards’ requirements. Participants will learn how to conduct a First Party Audit (Internal Audit), a Second Party Audit (Supplier Audit), and a Third Party Audit (External Audit).

After completing this ISO auditor training course, business professionals will be able to execute external third-party audits as a globally recognized IRCA certified Lead Auditor. IAS offers IRCA-certified Lead Auditor Training courses on a variety of ISO standards, including the following:

Mode of Delivery

IAS, in partnership with its sister company Empowering Assurance Systems (EAS), offers IRCA Accredited Lead Auditor Training tailored to the needs of customers.

Through Zoom Meeting, IAS offers a 5-day, 40-hour Virtual In-House Training Program for this ISO auditor training course. Our knowledgeable and experienced IRCA Coordinators will lead you through a hands-on virtual experience that includes interactive conversations, role play, and real-life case studies to consider. After passing the IRCA exam on the fifth day, the program will be completed and you will receive ISO Lead Auditor Certification.

Who Should Apply?

The IRCA Lead Auditor Training Course is designed for business professionals who want to further their careers by conducting internal and external third-party audits. Individuals who complete this ISO auditor training course may be hired as lead auditors by third-party certification bodies and corporate companies to ensure compliance with international standards. Individuals with prior experience with the PDCA Cycle and a basic understanding of quality management systems are encouraged to apply.

ISO Internal Auditor Training

ISO Internal Auditor Training is provided to process owners and managers so that they can conduct ISO audits as planned and documented in the relevant areas of activity. In order for a company to pass third-party certification audits, internal audits must be conducted. Internal auditors must understand the internal control framework as well as ISO requirements. As a result, ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Training is essential for organizations to fully comprehend what they are auditing. Internal auditors are responsible for auditing the actions of businesses in conformity with the International ISO Standards.

The following are ISO Internal Auditor training courses offered by IAS:

Mode of Delivery for ISO Internal Auditor Training

IAS offers ISO Internal Auditor Training through Virtual Learning. Participants will receive access to our virtual training portal for 30 days, during which time they will be able to obtain standard copies, course materials, and other resources. For all provisions, auditing views are covered. Slides and explanations regarding the standard’s concepts and implementation are provided through learning modules. Participants will take an exam to receive certification after completing this ISO auditor training course.

Who Should Apply for ISO Internal Auditor Training?

Anyone interested in learning about internal auditing, audit methods, methodological aspects of ISO standards, and the principles that govern them should take this ISO auditor training course. It covers the essentials of becoming a certified Internal Auditor. Participants who successfully complete this course will be able to perform audits within their organizations.

Fees for ISO Auditor Training Courses

The price for ISO auditor training varies depending on the type of course you choose and the delivery method. IAS offers the best rates amongst all ISO certification bodies in Canada for ISO auditor training courses. For more information about the cost of ISO auditor training courses, please contact us for a consultation.

For more information about ISO Auditor Training Courses, please contact us!

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