GMP Certification

About GMP Certification in Canada

A Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate verifies and certifies that standards for a successful Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety program are being followed. “Good Manufacturing Practices” is what the “GM” in “GMP” stands for. The FDA uses it to verify that foods are safe for customers and to “improve food safety control at all phases of manufacturing, processing, distribution, and consumption.”

The Difference Between GMP and cGMP

GMP is also known as “cGMP,” with the “c” standing for “current,” according to another source. The letter “c” should be written in small characters since it denotes perpetual change and the ever-evolving technology of excellence. This serves as a reminder to producers that they must use cutting-edge technology.

How to Prepare your Organization for GMP Certification in Canada

The following are helpful tips to prepare your organization for GMP certification in Canada: 

  • Choose the best GMP standard for your product and company.
  • Recognize what is required to establish, maintain, and demonstrate GMP compliance.
  • Determine which management systems are required to ensure that your facility, processes, and products comply with GMP certification requirements.
  • Confirm that all employees are completely aware of and understand their obligations in terms of GMP compliance and the required work processes.
  • Identify any current GMP non-compliance issues.
  • Apply, register, and have your business examined by IAS for GMP certification in Canada.

Steps to Obtain GMP Certification in Canada

Once your organization has prepared for GMP certification, follow these steps to get certified:

  • A GMP-compliant manufacturing facility and personnel with prior expertise are required.
  • Conduct a risk-based audit of your GMP processes.
  • Receive answers to your questions about GMPs from the FDA.
  • Within 90 days following the audit, plan corrective action for all non-compliant areas/aspects.
  • Within 120 days following the audit, implement the corrective actions.
  • Ensure that corrective actions are carried out according to plan and that no issues are left ignored at any time.
  • Prepare a final GMP compliance report that summarises all GMP aspects.
  • IAS should receive the GMP compliance report, as well as any certificates, for audit verification.
  • IAS, your Authorized Certification Body (ACB), will evaluate your GMP compliance report
  • You are ready for GMP certification if the audit is successfully completed within 60 days of submission.
  • After the audit is completed successfully, IAS will issue GMP certification in Canada. This is your GMP compliance proof.
  • Submit an application for FDA Pre-Approval Inspection (PAI) and have your manufacturing facility inspected by FDA officials.

Once you successfully achieve GMP certification, you can check the status of your certificate by visiting our GMP certification search Page!

GMP Certification

Benefits of GMP Certification in Canada

There are many advantages to having GMP certification in Canada. The following are just some of the many benefits of GMP certification: 

  • Enhances the public image and credibility of the organization
  • Reduces the chance that product quality and safety will be jeopardized.
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduction in rework and fines for non-compliance lowers operating costs.
  • Increases the potential for export
  • Cost-cutting and increased production efficiency are the overall goals.

Why Choose IAS to Achieve GMP Certification in Canada?

To guide you through the GMP certification process, you’ll need expert counsel from a neutral third party. IAS is one of Canada’s top GMP certification bodies, and we offer a variety of international ISO certifications and product certification services. IAS in North America assists you in achieving GMP compliance and provides GMP certification in Canada. Throughout the GMP certification process, IAS is devoted to providing you with assistance and support. 

  • We are the most cost-effective GMP certification services provider in this industry.
  • Multiple services are provided for one low charge
  • The GMP certification report is available online and can be included on your own website
  • A pdf file of the certification report will be emailed to you.
  • Our GMP Certification Services assist you in reducing certification costs and time.
  • We provide audit reports and detailed documentation required for GMP certification in Canada.
  • We offer expert GMP experts and consultants to provide you with 24/7 technical support.
  • We provide you assistance to obtain FDA pre-approval inspections (PAI)

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