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About ISO Training in Canada

Meeting future demands and expectations is a major problem for firms in every industry in today’s dynamic world. As a result, understanding the need of offering ISO training in Canada is critical to achieving company goals. By executing ISO training in Canada, the trainees will assist organizations in adopting continuous improvement strategies and providing them with the necessary techniques to reform their working processes. Organizations may improve customer satisfaction and identify and handle organizational risks with the help of ISO training professionals.

ISO Training

Types of ISO Training in Canada through IAS

ISO training in Canada takes place at several levels and phases. IAS handles all types of ISO training in a comprehensive manner, including ISO Lead Auditor Training, ISO Internal Auditor Training, and ISO Awareness and Foundation Training, thanks to its extensive auditing expertise in the field of ISO.

ISO Training Level 1: Lead Auditor

ISO auditor training is an optional ISO training in Canada for professionals or persons who have the necessary expertise to become certified as a Lead Auditor. The ISO Lead Auditor Training course prepares delegates to execute First Party Audits (Internal Audits), Second Party Audits (Supplier Audits), and Third Party Audits (External Audits) in accordance with international standards.

After completing this ISO Auditor Training course, you will be able to develop your auditing abilities and become a globally recognized IRCA certified Lead Auditor. The functions and responsibilities of a Lead Auditor are difficult to understand; but, by attending an ISO Auditor training course, delegates will learn how to manage and prepare audits. ISO Lead Auditor training will be conducted for 5 days, totaling 40 hours. Candidates will take the IRCA Lead Auditor examination on the 5th day of this ISO training program to obtain ISO Lead Auditor certification.

ISO Training Level 2: Internal Auditor

This ISO auditor training can help your employees give better service and ensure that your quality system is properly executed. Internal auditors may also be able to help organizations plan remedial action and implement corrective/preventive measures to improve their quality management system. Internal audits are usually handled by well-qualified, skilled employees that work in the office. This ISO auditor training in Canada provides them with expert training so that they can conduct internal audits successfully.

This form of ISO training in Canada is designed particularly for personnel who will serve as internal auditors or be involved in any process improvement activities within their organizations. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to conduct internal audits and comprehend the concept, scope, and goals. The training also gives you a thorough understanding of how to conduct an internal audit according to industry standards. This ISO auditor training course will typically be held for 2 days, and participants will take an examination to be awarded Internal Auditor certification.

ISO Training Level 3: Awareness

Employees who are in the early stages of implementing a standard or who have recently joined an organization where the standard is already being followed receive awareness training. Awareness or foundation training is appropriate if you want to learn the basics of ISO or if you’re new to it. Participants will learn about ISO’s history and evolution, as well as its structure and organization, what it seeks to accomplish, and how its actions affect us. This form of ISO training in Canada usually consists of a one-day workshop, and a certificate of participation will be awarded to candidates at the commencement of the program.

Mode of Delivery for ISO Training in Canada

In-House/Classroom ISO Training

This type of ISO training in Canada is delivered in a classroom setting to students. A knowledgeable course director leads a group of students through an organized learning experience. The program will feature interactive seminars, hands-on activities, and real-life case studies. Organizations that want to deliver training from their own premises during set business hours might use the customized in-house ISO training package.

Virtual Classroom ISO Training

This form of ISO training in Canada can be completed from the comfort of one’s own home or workplace. Participants will have access to Zoom Meeting, which will allow them to participate in live video conferencing training sessions from anywhere in the world. All courses will be facilitated by a qualified tutor who will provide students with face-to-face interactive learning modules, internet chat rooms, and screen sharing capabilities.

Self-learning ISO Training

Candidates who do not have time to attend a full live session may benefit from this type of ISO training in Canada. Candidates will have access to an online self-learning platform with all of the required study resources. By completing a series of learning modules, candidates can complete ISO training in Canada at their own pace. Candidates will have access to the self-study resources for 30 days before taking an exam to earn ISO training certification.

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Why Choose IAS for ISO Training in Canada?

Integrated Assessment Services offers IRCA-accredited Lead Auditor training courses for a variety of international standards. We have highly experienced auditors from a variety of industries, as well as real-time auditors, who help delegates gain the necessary knowledge and abilities to complete the Lead Audit. These ISO training courses provide you with in-depth knowledge on how to successfully implement a quality management system according to ISO standards. ISO training in Canada is led by industry experts with approximately 20 years of experience in multinational companies that specialize in QMS auditing.

ISO training in Canada provided by IAS is focused on delivering real-world insight to give you practical knowledge so that you can profit from the most recent changes in related industry standards in your professional career. Small class sizes are used in our ISO training to ensure that each student achieves their QMS certification goals.

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