ISO 27001 Certification

About ISO 27001 Certification

The international standard ISO 27001 defines requirements for the Information Security Management System’s (ISMS) continuous improvement. This internationally recognized standard outlines precise control mechanisms that enterprises can use to secure their customers’ and clients’ personal information from security risks and attacks. Customers will have more faith in your operational procedure and security system as a result of this. In addition, ISO 27001 assists enterprises in complying with applicable legal requirements.

IAS provides a very simple yet efficient ISO 27001 certification process to help your organization achieve ISO 27001 certification in a timely manner!

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001: 2013 Version

This is the most recent version of the ISO 27001 standard, which was created using a process-based approach to eliminate operational mistakes and hazards in management systems. ISO 27001:2013 is compatible with other ISO management system standards because it is proposed with a high-level framework and PDCA cycle. Furthermore, its risk-based thinking approach enables firms to constantly meet the needs of their consumers.

What are the Prerequisites to ISO 27001 Certification in Canada?

Organizations that have already been certified by other standards can apply for ISO 27001 certification, but they must have a proper information security management system in place. You must also demonstrate how your organization will be able to achieve the standard’s requirements for ISO 27001 certification in Canada. A good information security management system includes the following: 

  • A thorough risk assessment that includes all interested stakeholders
  • Documentation for applicable security policies, objectives, roles and responsibilities
  • A business continuity plan
  • Thorough and documented internal audits
  • Management system review.

ISO 27001 Certification Process

ISO 27001 certification in Canada is obtained by demonstrating how an organization achieves ISO security requirements. The ISO 27001 certification in Canada process begins with IAS reviewing the documentation provided by your organization that includes management system policies, risk assessments, internal audits, and other related documents. Once the documentation is reviewed, qualified IAS auditors will conduct external audits of your system to ensure ISO 27001 standards are being applied properly. Upon successful completion of the external audits, IAS will issue ISO 27001 certification in Canada. 

Who can Apply for ISO 27001 Certification in Canada?

In the present world, having established methods and procedures in place to protect against information security threats is critical for every organization. Because the ISO 27001 standard does not regard size, location, or industry, any organization wanting to protect their organization’s information security is encouraged to apply for ISO 27001 certification in Canada. 

Online ISO 27001 Certification Audits

IAS also does ISO 27001 certification audits utilizing web testing software online. The steps include going through the online test scenarios for your system documentation, testing all policies, and other necessary procedures. IAS delivers a certificate stating that your firm is ISO 27001 certified in accordance with a variety of standards after successful completion of the audit.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification in Canada

ISO 27001 certification in Canada demonstrates to your clients, employees, stakeholders, and the general public that you are committed to continually improving information security management. The ISO 27001 standard is recognized in over 140 countries, making it the most widely used information security management standard to date. ISO 27001 certification in Canada is a requirement for certain public-sector organizations including the European Commission and United Kingdom Department of Health. The following are some of the benefits of ISO 27001 certification: 

  • Demonstrates your organization’s commitment to ISO security standards
  • Makes it easier for partners and other organizations to do business with you
  • Helps create better awareness among stakeholders about information security risks
  • Boosts customer confidence and satisfaction in your organization.
  • Ensures that your organization is in compliance with local and international regulations, making it easier for you to conduct business

Why choose IAS to obtain ISO 27001 Certification in Canada?

Although the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) establishes and publishes the ISO 27001 standards, they do not perform certification. Therefore, organizations turn to third-party certification bodies to obtain ISO 27001 certification such as IAS. IAS is a leading ISO 27001 Certification body in Canada and assists companies in ensuring that their ISO 27001 quality management system is effective by conducting conformity assessments with certified experts who are experienced auditors. IAS audits your operations against the standard’s requirements to ensure you properly obtain ISO 27001 certification in a timely manner.

Once you successfully achieve ISO 27001 certification, you can check the status of your certificate by visiting our ISO 27001 certification search Page!

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