ISO 27001 Certification

About ISO 27001 Certification

The international standard ISO 27001 specifies requirements for the continual improvement of the information security management system. This globally recognized standard provides specific control measures for the organizations to protect the confidential information of the customers/clients from security risks and threats. This increases the confidence of the customers in your operational process and security system. Also, the ISO 27001 Certification helps the organizations to meet the applicable statutory requirements.

ISO 27001:2013 Version

This is the current version of the ISO 27001 standard, developed with a process approach to reduce the operational errors and risks in the management system. As ISO 27001:2013 is proposed with a high-level structure and PDCA cycle, it can be integrated with other ISO management system standards. Also, its risk-based thinking approach helps the organizations to meet their customers’ requirements consistently.

Who Can Apply ISO 27001 Certification?

Regardless of the size, the requirements of the ISO 27001 are applicable to all companies that address the customers’ confidential information and data.

Prerequisites for ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 certification can be applied even to organizations that are already certified by other standards, but it should have a proper information security management system. Also, you need to demonstrate how your company will be able to meet the requirements of the standard.

Proper Information Security Management System covers a detailed Risk assessment covering Interested parties, Determine the statement of Applicability of applicable security policies, Security Policies, and Objectives, roles and responsibilities, Business continuity, Internal Audit, and Review on Management System.

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 Certification process

The process involved in the ISO 27001 certification starts with the preparation of the management system under ISO 27001 standards. This involves creating the documents like risk assessment, security plan, information security policy, guidelines to business continuity plan, and other required policies under ISO 27001 standards. 

After that get your organization ready for audit by an independent qualified auditor by validating your existing system. The ISO 27001 certification is issued by IAS- an independent third-party agency.

Once you successfully achieve ISO 27001 certification, you can check the status of your certificate by visiting our ISO 27001 certification search Page!

Online ISO 27001 Certification Audits

IAS also conducts the ISO 27001 certification audits using an online web testing program. The procedures involve following the online test scenarios for your system documentation, testing all policies, and other related procedures. After successful completion of the audit, IAS issues the certificate stating that your organization is ISO 27001 certified under various standards.

Who can Apply for ISO 27001 Certification

Nowadays, it is important for every organization to have proven strategies and procedures in place to protect information security. Even small businesses can avail of ISO 27001 certification because this standard does not consider size, type of industry, or even the revenue model for its implementation.

ISO 27001 Certification USA

With the current trend of online businesses and data transactions, information security is the most important concern for every organization. ISO 27001 certification helps organizations to meet statutory requirements of several financial, healthcare, and government sectors where security is more stringent.

For companies that are facing difficulties in making an impact on their customers through marketing, they can benefit from the ISO 27001 standard by implementing it in their daily operation. It helps customers to identify the security system of their partners by listing out proactive measures for protecting information.

Benefits of Certifying to ISO 27001

  • The ISO 27001 protects the confidential information
  • Reduces the loss of information
  • Enhances customer confidence
  • Strengthens the relationship with stakeholders
  • Also, promotes the organizations’ reputation

A well-known ISO 27001 certification body in the USA- IAS

Why IAS?

IAS is a rapidly growing organization providing ISO 27001 Certification in the United States of America. For over 13 years, we have effectively provided ISO 27001 certification services to firms that have a well-developed operational process and management system. Also, by providing appropriate direction on how to implement ISO 27001 criteria and achieve ISO 27001 certification, we have helped our customers to stay updated with new technology and standards.

IAS is a leading provider of ISO Certification, Security Certification, and penetration testing services in the USA. 

Real-time Auditors

We employ professional auditors with vast experience in management system audits and a broad understanding of ISO requirements. They assist the company in meeting rapidly changing ISO standard criteria while maintaining accuracy. To assist the organization in the ISO 27001 certification process, IAS serves as an ISO 27001 certification consultant.

Global Presence

IAS is a globally known firm with offices in India. IAS having a presence in Asia, America, Africa, and Europe that provides ISO 27001 certification services to businesses worldwide.

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Also, see the ISO 27001 Certification frequently asked questions for additional information on ISO 27001 Certification.