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About ISO Training Course

ISO training is conducted at several levels and stages. With vast auditing experience in the field of ISO, IAS handles all kind of ISO training in a comprehensive manner such as ISO Lead Auditor TrainingISO Internal Auditor Training, and ISO Awareness and Foundation Training. Each ISO training course tailor-made for the candidate’s specific needs and objectives. The ISO training course is conducted in a supportive environment where there are ample opportunities for question answering and discussions.

 ISO Training – CQI-IRCA Lead Auditor Course

IAS, in partnership with our sister concern, Empowering Assurance Systems (EAS), offers CQI-IRCA Accredited ISO Lead Auditor Training. This is a voluntary certification course designed for professionals or individuals with proper experience to get certified as a Lead Auditor. This ISO training course helps delegates understand the requirements of ISO Standard and provides an audit approach. This ISO training course will train participants to perform First Party Audits (Internal Audit), Second Party Audits (Supplier Audit) & Third Party Audits (External Audit) of an ISO management system.

Successful completion of the Lead Auditor Training course helps business professionals become an internationally recognized IRCA certified Lead Auditor to perform external third party audits.

IAS provides IRCA accredited Lead Auditor Training courses on various ranges of ISO standards, which includes the following:

Course Delivery

5 days, 40 hours – Open Classroom and Virtual Training Modes Available

ISO Training

Who is Eligible?

This ISO training course is recommended for business professionals who would like to further their career and conduct audits within their company as well as external third party audits. Individuals who successfully complete this course are eligible to be hired by third party certification bodies and corporate companies as a lead auditor to ensure compliance of international standards. Individuals who have prior knowledge of the PDCA Cycle and an ISO management systems are recommended to apply for this type of ISO training.

ISO Training – Internal Auditor

Internal Auditor Training is provided to process owners and managers so that they can conduct ISO audits in the identified areas of activity as planned and documented. Internal audits must be completed in order for a business to pass third-party certification audits. Internal auditors must also be familiar with the internal control structure and ISO standards. As a result, Internal Auditor Training is critical for them to have a thorough understanding of what they are auditing. Internal auditors are in charge of auditing organizations’ activities in accordance with ISO’s International Standards.

IAS provides over 20 internal auditor training courses. The following are the most popular Internal Auditor Training Courses available:

Who is Eligible?

This ISO training course is recommended for anyone interested in learning about internal auditing, audit procedures, methodological aspects of ISO standards, and the principles that govern them. Successful completion of this course will enable participants to conduct audits within their organization.

Course Delivery

2 days, 15 hours, or 30-day self-learning mode – Open Classroom, Virtual, and Self-Learning Modes Available

ISO Training – Foundation/Awareness

The purpose of Foundation & Awareness Training is to raise awareness of any ISO standard, its principles, and implementation methodologies. This ISO training is carried out for all employees of an organization who are in the beginning stage of implementation of a standard, or for those who have newly joined an organization where a standard is already being practiced. IAS offers awareness training for over 20 ISO standards.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone, either new or experienced, is recommended to participate in Awareness Training. No prior exposure or experience in Management Systems is required. If your organization chooses to implement any ISO standard, basic ISO training is provided to all staff to create effective implementation.

Course Delivery

1 days, 4-5 hours, or 30-day self-learning mode – Open Classroom, Virtual, and Self-Learning Modes Available

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